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  • Properly prepare your package is the assurance that your item arrives safely and without any damage and guarantees your customer's satisfaction.


    We advise you to choose a solid packaging which size is slightly larger than that of your product to send. This allows the object to be protected with cushioning materials from any angle.

    To immobilize your item in its packaging, pack it with foam, bubble wrap, newspaper ... Ensure the stability of the package by stalling, stuffing and distributing the masses in order to avoid any overturning.

    For liquid products, check that the caps are perfectly sealed.
    For engines, empty them of their gasoline and oil ; remove the propeller so as not to damage it.

    Close properly your package. Do not use twine but quality tape. The better your package will be closed, the more your product will be protected to its final destination.

    Glue the shipping label to a flat surface. Do not put scotch on the label so that it remains legible.

    Give your package to the selected carrier.
    Do not foget to enter in your 
    Seller space the tracking number so that your customer can track the item he bought you.