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What is it ?

The marketplace Le Cargo is a multisellers platform (for individuals and professionals) which makes it possible to sell and to buy thousands of products. Le Cargo is a platform specialized in nautical equipment (new and second-hand items) and second-hand boats auction..

In other words, Le Cargo puts on its website, a space at disposal of these private sellers and professionals to promote their products of watersports and recreation.

- Advantages for the sellers :

Access to thousand of customers : that you sell some items or a whole catalogue, to put on sale on a Marketplace increases the visibility of your items and allows you to sell them more quickly.

Secure payments : the security system of the Marketplace Le Cargo is managed by Stripe and Paypal. This system guarantees transactions with your buyers in full security, without having to communicate your banking contact.

Deliveries are guaranteed : we propose to the sellers several methods of delivery, all profiting from a tracking number. It is the insurance to deliver properly your products and to fully satisfy your customers. We propose also a hand delivery of the items. A solution even faster to deliver to your nearest customers.

- Advantages for the buyers :

Large choice and classification : The thousands of new and second-hand items on sale on marketplace Le Cargo are classified in a super fully detailed catalog dedicated to nautical equipment.

Simplicity : The platform is equipped with a powerfull search engine specialized in the nautical field. This enables customers to find as fast as possible what they wish to buy. The geolocation gives access to the items of the buyer geographical zone with the possibly to collect his purchase faster.

Security : No more sending money to an unknown person with uncertainty to be delivered. The payment is carried out on the banking system of the marketplace, managed by Stripe, entirely secure. A highly reliable system, allowing you to buy in a complete peace of mind.

Speed : Once your order validated and paid, we inform the seller by e-mail. We transmit the address of delivery to him/her. He/she will send you the item under 48h.


How does it works ?

  • Setting on sale an item is simple and fast with immediate visibility by all the surfers,
  • Consultation of the advert by a user who decides to buy the item,
  • The marketplace Le Cargo proposes entirely secure means of payment to the buyer,
  • The payment is checked, the seller receives a notification of the order and the contact of the buyer,
  • He has to confirm that the item is still available,
  • The item is sent with a tracked delivery or collect by hand delivery,
  • The buyer evaluates the quality of the transaction, this evaluation is published to inform the future buyers,
  • The site invoices and takes a referral fee on the amount of the transaction to be remunerated. This referral fee is betwwen 7 to 15% (see the Terms and Conditions for the detail of the referral fees)




What sort of items are sold in Le Cargo ?

Le Cargo offers new and second-hand goods of professionals and individuals sellers. These items are classified in 8 nautical universes : Boat supplies (sailing and motonautism), Board sports, Dinghies and Kayaks, Fishing, Clothes, Bookstore, Nautical decor and classic boats equipment.


Is the setting on sale of an item in Le Cargo free  ?

In the case of a fixed-price sale, the sale is free and unlimited.

In case of auctioning a lot (nauticl equipment), the sale cost € 2, it's free for boats auction.

A lot auctioned on Le Cargo marketplace can not be sold by another sales channel (other marketplace, e-commerce site, classifieds site etc.).


I am a professional and I want to export on the platform a product feed corresponding to my catalog. How to do ?

Le Cargo marketplace manages the product feeds coming from e-shops websites like Prestashop, Magento, Wordpress etc. For this, you need to send the URLs to our technical team. After registering, first send your integration request to and specify your e-shop solution and the export module used. You will receive an answer from our team within 48 hours. 


How to fix the price of my item in Le Cargo ?

You determine the selling price of the item under your own responsibility. We suggest you the following scale, which takes into account of the state and the original value of the item. However, a very rare item could be overestimated compared to this scale.


New (never used, original packing, notice of use eventually): 50-75 % of the original value

Second-hand, as new : 40-60 % of the original value

Second-hand, Great condition (works perfectly) : 30-40 % of the original value

Second-hand, Good condition (works perfectly, visual defects or low wear) : 20-40 % of the original value

Second-hand, As is (see the detailed description) : 10-20 % of the original value

It should be noted that Le Cargo does not accept items of an amount lower than € 10 from the private sellers.

In case of an auction, the starting price is at € 50 inc. VAT minimum.


Does Le Cargo propose promotional sales ?

Le Cargo can make promotional offers on some items. It can be, for example, a price reduction program of some items as well as the possibility for the seller to assume the all or partly (50%) of the shipping costs.

Advices of Le Cargo:

If you wish to be informed of our promotional operations, think of registering youself on Le Cargo newsletter.


How to find an item ?

The homepage directly enables you to carry out a research by key words, brand, category, reference, seller. Le Cargo also offers a tool of geolocation of the items, which can help you to find the product in your vicinity, in particular if you consider a hand delivery. You can also select on this same page your item directly in the department of your choice among those proposed: Boat supplies, Board sports, Dinghies and Kayaks, Fishing, Clothing, Bookstore, Nautical decor and Classic boats equipment.


Does it exist a warranty on the sold items ?

Le Cargo is an intermediary between the sellers and the buyers, for this reason, Le Cargo does not propose warranty, however, it can be proposed by the seller, in such case, he/her will have specified it in his/her ad. or more generally in his Space of sale on the platform.


What to do if a product is not availbale anymore  ?

If a product is no longer available, the seller will have indicated on the sheet of the item "exhausted product", possibly with a delay of restocking, or you have made the order and the product has been sold in the meantime, you will be immediately refunded of the full amount of your purchase.

In case of an auction, the lot offered by the Seller is necessarily available for purchase.


How long can my item remain on Le Cargo ?

The article is posted online for 90 days (3 months).

After a month, if your item is not sold, you will receive an email alert giving you tips to improve your ad and sell your product faster.

After 90 days, you will be alerted again by email and, unless you wish to keep it for sale, the item will be removed.

In the case of an auction, you have the option to schedule the sale and set a bid duration of 24, 48 or 72h. If your lot has not found a buyer or the Reserve Price has not been reached, you will be informed by email, you can then put your item back for a fixed-price sale or resubmit it at auction 15 days later.




How to order ?

1. Browse Le Cargo's catalog.

2. Select the items you like by adding them to the "shopping cart".

3. When all the items you want are selected, check out your shopping cart.

4. Create an account on Le Cargo or log in.

5. Select the desired delivery method(s) from the seller(s) : carrier or hand-delivered.

6. Make your payment by credit card via the fully secured payment terminal, managed by Stripe. If the ceiling of your credit card is reached, the payment of the order will be paid via Paypal.


How to place an order (auction) ?

1. Register for free on Le Cargo website

2. To access the auction room, you must accept the terms and conditions and pay the sum of €2, only for nautical gear auction, which will be collected via the payment terminal Stripe. For boats, access to the auction hall passes through a € 500 bank imprint that will only be debited if you win the lot.

3. Throughout the duration of the auction, you will be able to freely place your purchase offers or make quick offers on amounts predetermined by Cargo (in stages)

4. If you win the auction, you have 48 hours maximum to make the payment of your purchase for nautical gear, 7 days for boats auction, under penalty.

5. When the purchase is paid, the seller is notified by email of the order and he will have 3 days to ship the lot (for nautical equipment) or to hand in hand; for boats, it will be available only after fully paying the lot to the seller, via Le Cargo (buyers have 7 business days to pay).


How do I know if my order has been well taken into account ?

After validating your order, a confirmation email will be sent to the address you have registered in your customer account. This is an overview of the order containing : the nature, the quantity of the products retained as well as the address of delivery and that of the invoicing.

Le Cargo will also send you the name of the seller(s) who will ship your order or the hand delivery address if this option has been selected.


Follow-up my order

1. You will receive a confirmation email a few moments after the confirmation of your payment

2. The seller is notified of the order and has 72h to confirm the availability of the item, the availability will be notify to you by email and in your customer account.

3. If the item is available, the seller has 72h to send you the parcel. An email titled "Your item is shipped" is sent to you as soon as your package has been deposited with the carrier. Allow 2 to 5 working days to receive your items. This email includes a parcel tracking number specific to the carrier you have selected.

4. After 24 hours, you can follow the different status of your delivery on the website of your carrier (with your personal tracking number) or in the "My Account" / "My Orders" section.


Shipping and delivery time of my order

The deadlines are specific to each carrier. In general, allow 2 to 5 working days to be delivered from your order.


What does the status of my order mean?

You can follow in real time the evolution of your order in the "My account / My orders" section of Le Cargo website.

Here are the different order status:


Your order is on standby during 72 hours, maximum. This is the time allowed to the seller to confirm the availability of the item.



The seller has validated the availability of the item, he has 72h to ship your parcel according to the delivery method chosen.

Warning: when this status is displayed, we can no longer cancel or modify your order.



Your parcel has been shipped by the seller and is in delivery.



2 cases :

The seller has not validated the availability of the item (out of stock etc)

You decide to change your mind ! If you decide not to accept your item, you can return it, your order status will change to "Refused"

You can also follow your return package (please fill in the tracking number in the My orders section) according to the chosen carrier on their respective website.


NB: a time of 24 to 48 hours may be necessary on the carrier's website before the status of the parcel appears.


I am a seller, what should I do when I receive a bying offer ?

You have 3 days to indicate in your Space, My orders section, the availability of your item. Once the box is checked, you will receive by email the details of your customer and you will then have 48 hours to send your parcel and fill in the "My orders" section the tracking number of the parcel. Le Cargo reminds you  here that the seller is solely responsible for the proper execution of the obligation to deliver the item ordered. In case of non-compliance by the seller with the conditions of shipping here expressed, Le Cargo will examine on a case-by-case basis any problems encountered during a transaction within a period of 15 days. If the order is not shipped and if the tracking number is communicated within 9 days after the item is confirmed, the sale will be automatically canceled and the buyer will be refunded of the price of the item.





What are the accepted means of payment?

Le Cargo offers to pay your orders via the secure platform Stripe or by Paypal if the ceiling of your credit card is reached.

A large number of credit cards are accepted.


Is the payment really secure ?

Yes, your payment is totally secure because it is carried out through a third party platform, operated by Stripe or Paypal. Stripe and Paypal offer integrated security, compliant with the Payment Card Industry Security Standard (PCI DSS), and a fraud detection system. Stripe accepts currencies from more than 139 countries and converts them automatically for international transactions.

Since this information is secured by the Stripe and Paypal systems, the company reserves the right to refuse an order for any incident or dispute of payment. For any information concerning his bank account details, the Buyer must contact Stripe and Paypal at :



Are prices displayed in including VAT ?

Yes, all our prices are displayed all inclusive of taxes.


After I sent the item that was ordered to me by a buyer, how and when will I be paid by Le Cargo?

Le Cargo will order payment to the Seller's bank account of the transaction price, decreased of the referral fee (hereinafter the amount paid to the seller), provided that the transaction price has been fully paid by the buyer and cashed by Le Cargo on the Stripe platform.

In the case of a private seller :

- upon confirmation of receipt of the item by the buyer on the website, except in the event of return of the item by the buyer in the conditions and deadlines provided for in Article 6 of the GTS.

- or, in case of absence of confirmation of receipt by the buyer, 10 days after receipt of the item by the buyer.

In the case of a professional seller:

- within some days according to the legislation in force in your country, 14 days in the european union countries.

In the event that a dispute would occur between the seller and the buyer and is fully declared on the website in the Space reserved for this purpose, Le Cargo can block the transactions of the users concerned until the resolution of the dispute .


How are Le Cargo's referral fees taken ?

In return for the use of the platform, the seller authorizes Le Cargo to deduct from the total price of the transaction a referral fee determined according to the modalities defined in Article 4.5.3 of the GTC.

Upon receipt of the item by the buyer, Le Cargo pays the seller's bank account the price of the transaction, decreased of the referral fee. The referral fee invoiced to the seller by Le Cargo for each sale is based on the total price of the transaction and calculated according to the Price of the Item (cf. Article 4.5.3 of the General Terms and Conditions)




DELIVERIES in France and Worldwide

What are the possible delivery methods ?

Le Cargo offers the following deliveries for french sellers only :

Colissimo Suivi

Relais Colis

If you are not in France, you can use specifically a carrier (Shipping must be tracked).


What are the rates and delivery times?

You can view the delivery rates offered by Le Cargo in our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

For products shipped by professionals, we invite you to go to "Delivery charges" section of the seller in order to know the delivery conditions specific.


How to track my delivery ?

Via Le Cargo's website, in My account, My orders section, detail of the order.

Via the carrier interface with the tracking number registered by the seller.


Who pays for the shipping costs? The buyer? The seller ?

When ordering, the buyer pays the shipping costs calculated according to the delivery method chosen and according to the geographical area.

The seller receiving the order notification, sends the item. Therefore, he makes the advance of the shipping costs. Those will be refunded, at the same time that he will be paid of the transaction price of the item, when the buyer has confirmed his good reception.

However the seller may wish to make a commercial gesture by offering 50% or 100% of the shipping costs to the buyer.


I have chosen the option of hand delivery, how to take delivery of my item ?

If the seller accepts the hand delivery, the buyer, when checking out, can select for this delivery method. The respective details of the two users are then transmitted to them in order to be able to organize the hand delivery of the item.

When delivering the item, the buyer must give the seller a coupon number (which will have been communicated to him by Le Cargo). The seller must indicate on the website, in My Account, My orders section, the number appearing on the coupon to justify the delivery of the item. This coupon number must be kept by the seller and will be the proof of of the delivery.

The buyer has 7 days to collect the item from the seller. Failing this, if the seller has not given the coupon within 9 days of the confirmation of availability of the item, the sale will automatically be canceled, the item put on sale again and the buyer will be refunded.


What should I do if I do not receive my parcel ?

The average delivery period is from 2 to 5 working days after your parcel has been shipped by the seller.

If you have not received your parcel, please check your parcel's status on the carrier's website with your tracking number which was transmitted to you by the seller.

Our customer service is at your disposal for any question.

If the order is not shipped and the tracking number is communicated via the "My orders" section by the seller, within 9 days after the availability of the item is confirmed, the sale will be automatically canceled and the buyer will be refunded.

In the event that the parcel is lost by the carrier, the buyer will be put in contact with the seller, if this one is a professional, he undertakes to refund directly the price of the transaction to the buyer. It is up to the seller to make a claim to his carrier and to be compensated as a result of the damage.

In the case of an error made by the carrier's website, the buyer will claim against this last to be compensated for the damage.

In case of non-compliance by the seller with the shipping conditions expressed in the Terms and Conditions, Le Cargo will examine on a case-by-case basis any problems encountered during a transaction under a 15 days deadline.


How can I be compensated in case of loss or damage during the transport of my item?

In order to reduce the risks during delivery and to allow the buyer and the seller to follow the shipping of the item, the delivery must be tracked. Despite these precautions, there may be loss or damage of delivery. Each carrier offers lump sums of compensation. If on the website's carrier, it is notified "parcel delivered", then the seller will be covered. If necessary, he will have to claim against the carrier.

If as a buyer you have subscribed to the Purchase Insurance offered by Le Cargo during the checking out of the order, the dispute related to the shipping will be dealt with directly the insurance company, which you will take care to contact.


What happens if I am not at home when my parcel is delivered ?

In your absence, the carrier will file a transit advice note in your mailbox stating how to collect your package.





What do you mean by the "Satisfied or Refunded" guarantee (only for the Buy now option) ?

When the seller is an individual, Le Cargo has set up a Satisfied or Refunded Guarantee in case of the buyer is not satisfied with the item ordered.

The return of an item will be accepted only if it occurs in the process of the Satisfied or Refunded Guarantee described as follows.

In any case, this warranty does not apply in the event of hand-delivery of the item.

Within 2 days (48 hours) of receipt of the item (including weekends and holidays, not counting the day of delivery), the buyer must confirm receipt and indicate whether he is satisfied or dissatisfied directly on his Cargo's account.

If the buyer indicates that he is satisfied with the item before the expiry of the 2 days (48h) period, he will no longer be able to benefit from the Satisfied or Refunded Guarantee even if the delay of 2 days (48h) is not expired.

When the buyer declares himself dissatisfied, he must indicate the reason(s) for his dissatisfaction.

The buyer has a period of 2 days (48 overtime) (excluding weekends and bank holiday) to return the item to the seller and indicate the tracking number of the parcel on the page of the website provided for this purpose. The delay of two (2) working days runs from receipt of the Customer Service email confirming that the request for dissatisfaction has been made within the deadline and containing the postal address of the seller.

The buyer agrees to return the carefully packed item to Colissimo Suivi or Letter Suivie or Relais Colis (for french users) or by carrier according to the initial delivery method and at his own expense. In case of dispute and without confirmation of receipt by the seller, Le Cargo reserves the right to finalize the sale and pay the seller. The return of the article is done under the responsibility of the buyer.

The seller has 2 days (48 hours) from the actual delivery of the item by the carrier to declare its reception on the page of the website provided for this purpose.

In the absence of express confirmation from the buyer or in the absence of a non-receiption of the item, his agreement on the transaction will be deemed to have been acquired at the end of a 2 days (48 hours) deadline after reception of the item.


What are the conditions of return ?

When the seller is an individual, the return conditions are managed by Le Cargo.

The Satisfied or Refunded guarantee is valid 48 hours after receipt of the parcel. The buyer must indicate the reasons for returning the item to the sender in My Account, My orders section. After this period, no return will be guaranteed by Le Cargo. Once the dissatisfaction has been notified about the received item, the buyer has 48 additional hours to return the parcel to the seller, according to the same delivery method as used by the seller.

The expenses incurred for the return of the item are the exclusive charge of the buyer.

When the seller is a professional, the conditions of return are defined in his Seller space. A  professional seller has to respect the laws and regulations relating to the exercise of a commercial/marketing activity of distance selling.

When a buyer makes a purchase on Le Cargo from a professional seller and in case of an auction purchase of a lot, he has a right of withdrawal. This is a period of several days (14 days for EU) from the actual delivery of the item to retract and an additional period to return the item to the professional seller. This right is different according to the legislation inforce in the country (14 days for EU).

In order to exercise its right of withdrawal, the buyer must inform Le Cargo within 14 days (for EU) by declaring his dissatisfaction on the website from the My Account page, My Orders section. In addition, the buyer can choose to fill in and send online the retraction form provided by the website. The form can also be included in the return package of the item. Note that the buyer has to return the parcel to the seller, according to the same delivery method as used by the seller.

The expenses incurred for the return of the item are the exclusive charge of the buyer.


What are the conditions for resale ?

If an item is not appropriate to you, you have the option to report your dissatisfaction within 48 hours if the seller of the item is an individual or X days if the seller is a professional (14 days for EU). If you wish, rather than returning the item to the seller, Le Cargo offers you to put it back on sale for free on the platform, by creating your Seller's space.


How to return an item from an origin other than my country ?

Whatever the origin of the item, you must return it according to the same delivery method as that used by the seller and in a packaging ensuring its full protection.

Send the whole to the address of the seller indicated in the email that specifies it to you.


What are the costs of return ?

The return costs are exclusively at the expense of the buyer and will be paid to your carrier.


How soon can an item be returned ?

In the case of products shipped by a private seller, you have 48 hours to change your mind. Therefore, we accept a return request for 48 hours after receipt of your parcel.

In the case of products shipped by a professional seller, you have several days to change your mind (according to the legislation in force in your country - 14 days EU). Therefore, we accept a return request for 14 days (EU) after receipt of your parcel.

Beyond these deadlines, we will not be able to accept a return.


Why is it important to follow the return procedure ?

We suggest you to follow the return of your item and the confirmation by the seller that it has received it well. This check will allow you to get your item refunded if the deadlines have been respected. For any problems related to the return procedure, we advise you to contact the seller directly.





Why some items can not be refunded ?

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, items will be eligible for a refund if this is justified, during the Satisfied or Refunded Guarantee (48h) period (except for auction purchases) if the seller is an individual, or during the right of withdrawal period, If the seller is a professional. In the latter case, it is the professional seller who manages the refund.


How is the refund amount calculated ?

The seller of the item is an individual :

If the reason for dissatisfaction declared by the buyer is: "the item, although in conformity with the description, is not appropriate to me", the declaration of receipt of the item by the seller triggers the refund of the price of the item to the buyer as well as a refund of shipping costs to the seller.

If the reason for dissatisfaction declared by the buyer is "the item does not correspond to the description made by the seller", the declaration of receipt of the item by the seller triggers the refund of the price of the transaction to the buyer, that is to say the price of the item plus the shipping costs.

In both cases, the refund will be made within 7 days from the date of receipt of the item by the seller by credit on the buyer's bank account, according to the method of payment initially used.

Are excluded from this system of refund all the auction purchases.


The seller of the item is a professional :

If you have claimed your right of withdrawal on the Cargo site within the legal time, Le Cargo will forward this notification to the seller. It is up to the seller to refund you. You have several days (14 days EU) to return the item he sent you, under the same conditions. Do not forget to fill in the tracking number of the parcel on the website so that the seller can follow the return of the parcel.


Why is my bank account still not credited?

There are several reasons why your bank account may not have been credited :

- We have not yet received confirmation of the return of your item. Check the delivery path on the carrier's website with your tracking number.

- We have just received confirmation of receipt of your item by the seller and are registering your return; we usually send a refund order to the bank within the next few days.

Caution: some banks show refunds in negative in the "debit" column.



































I do not receive or badly receive the newsletter or the emails of Le Cargo. How to cure it ?

If you do not receive emails from Le Cargo, check that they are not treated as spam by your antispam software or Internet service provider.

You can add the addresses  "" ""and "" to your address book in order to facilitate the reception of your emails.

If you have unsubscribed from the newsletter, you can revalidate your registration by going to the home page of the website.Check "I wish to receive the Cargo newsletter and validate.

Some messaging software blocks "HTML" content or more simply images of emails. However, you can click on "View images" or on the link "View via this link" at the top of the mail to display its contents in your Internet browser.


Which browser to use ?

It is recommended that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

- Check that you accept cookies:

With Internet Explorer,

1. Click on the "Tools" menu, Internet Options

2. Then on the "Security" tab.

3. Choose a "Medium-High" or "Medium" security level

4. On the "Confidentiality" tab, choose either "Medium" or "Low".


With "Firefox", in the "Tools", "Options", "Privacy" menu, check that the "Accept cookies" and "Accept third-party cookies (until they expire)" check boxes are selected.

- If you are using a firewall or antivirus, try temporarily disabling it.

- We advise you to use the latest versions of the browsers (to be downloaded from the respective publishers' websites).


How do I manage my personal information?

Le Cargo is registered with the CNIL (French National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties).

The information and data concerning you are necessary for the management of your order and our commercial relations. In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 as amended by the law of 6 August 2004, you have the right to access, oppose and correct personal data concerning you. Simply send us an email via the Customer Service area.

To change your personal data, go to the "My Account" section and click on "My information"

If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgotten password" link on the login page. Enter the email associated with your customer account and click "Validate". An email will be automatically sent to your email account to allow you to set a new password.



Who to contact in case of need ?

Our on-line Customer Service or by completing the contact form