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    Fast and easy process to sell

    • - Each seller, individual or professional, has a free and unlimited Seller space to put his items to sell.
    • - As soon as a product is put online, it becomes searchable by all internet users.

    Buy safely

    • - The buyer pays online the item of his choice, the transaction is fully secured. The seller receives a notification and has
      72h to confirm the availability of the item (After this time, the order is canceled and you are not debited)
    • - The buyer is debited the amount of the order (shipping included) only when the seller has confirmed the availability of the item.

    Tracked deliveries

    • - If the item is available it will be shipped by the seller with a tracking number within 72 hours or by hand delivery to the buyer within 7 days if this option has been chosen.
    • - The buyer receives his package and confirms his good reception, along with his satisfaction, within 48 hours.

    The sale is finalized !

    • The seller is paid.
    • Le Cargo charges a commission on the amount of the transaction paid back to the seller. This commission is between 7 and 15% (see the Terms and Conditions for the detail)