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  • Le Cargo offers you some good tips to sell your items easily and quickly.


    Describe in great detail your item. The more information you give, the more your customer will be reassured about his purchase.


    Do not forget to take pictures from various angles, in natural light, without using the flash mode, taking a clear and neutral background.


    Sell your item at the right price. You can set the status of it. The price must be in line with the real condition of the product.

    By following these rules of common sense, you will sell faster and you will avoid the returns of your items.


    Selling on our marketplace specialized in nautical equipment can enable you to significantly increase your sales.

    We accept whole catalogs and we advise you to put interesting prices for the following products:

    • - Those which are in your stock for too long and you have trouble selling. This will allow you to sell your stock faster.
    • - The accessories of your TOP products : these are often on these ranges of products that you have the best margins. So it should be very interesting to sacrifice a part
      of this margin to increase your sales volumes, thus your turnover while making economies of scale.


    To integrate your catalog, you will then have to send us a feed of your products.
    Contact us : support@lecargo.co, one of our sales representatives dedicated to professionals is at your disposal to help you to integrate Le Cargo.