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  • Windsurf Sail 4.0

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    Windsurf Sail 4.0
    Windsurf Sail 4.0
    Windsurf Sail 4.0
    Windsurf Sail 4.0

    Descriptions & specifications

    The radical wave sail is designed as a 4-batten sail up to 4.0 sqm From 5.0 sqm . It is particularly suitable for side shore and side-onshore conditions. Compared to our compact wave sail Wave its aspect ratio is higher with a shorter boom length. This makes it slightly softer. The smallest gust charges the wide X-ply mast panel quickly and gives the sail a certain softness which also absorbs choppy water.

    4.0 (4 SABLES) ...... 299€ --- LUFF 370 -- BOOM 151 ---MAST 340/340




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